Online Transformer Analysis / Dry Out System

(New England & New York) – A new online transformer analysis/dry out system can be safely connected to the transformer main tank while the unit remains energized. The compact Trojan equipment is available in a trailer mount configuration for maximum use throughout a utility company’s service area. The Trojan Dry Out System performs energized water … Read more

Vanquish Fencing

(New England & New York) – Vanquish focuses on designing and producing a patented fencing system focused on eliminating animal incursion into the substation and the potential damage to key equipment and loss of power to customers. Mitigating animal activity in substations is the best means of protecting high dollar electrical equipment from damage and … Read more

Utility Switchyards and Substations Installation

EPC installation of utility switchyards or substations rated 15-500KV. In addition to utility relay and protective system coordination Silvey will execute connection with utility transmission systems and insure turnkey satisfaction. Design expertise includes GIS and AIS configuration.

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